TG Web Archive

Welcome to the TG Web Archive!

This site aims to catalog and display the content of the early trans internet. Check out the TGGuide or Dragscape archive pages for writeups on those sites as well as archived content, comb through trans personal ads from 1997, or check out graphics from old sites.

The current project is archiving the TGG forum from 1996/97. Pretty much all the links on the WayBack capture of the main forum page lead to an incorrect post page and many pages are not captured at all, so right now I have to manually sift through all the pages. As a result, updates may come slowly for a while. Update 04/19/23: I got a new job and haven't been able to devote as much time to this as I would like. I've been slowly chipping away at taking inventory of the forum links but with just under a thousand links and maybe two thousand entries, the manual nature of the work has lead to a major slow down. No promises on when, but updates will continue to come.

Certain pieces of archival content may be emotionally difficult or even triggering. Please prioritize your emotional well-being while browsing.

TG Web Archive uses the word "trans" to describe people with a multitude of gender experiences. The goal is not to impose the language of today onto people from the past, but rather, to have a concise way to reference a vast swath of people who all used different words to describe their experiences, and very well may be using other words today. Even the then-common "TS/TG/TV/CD" and its variations do not account for all language and experiences that could reasonably be described as "trans." It is the site operator's opinion that the lines between all these experiences are not as clear cut as the heterosexual world would have us believe. The word "trans" is used on this site mostly out of convenience.